Comment on Talks with the EIS-FELA

We met with the EIS-FELA today for the second time since industrial action began.

The employers offered an additional consolidated element of £50 for lecturers on top of the £1,000 already on the table, taking the offer to £900 consolidated and £150 unconsolidated. This is more than teachers, firefighters and police officers have accepted.

The EIS-FELA amended their demand to £1,200 but this remains unaffordable. This would cost the college sector, paid for by the taxpayer, millions of pounds which the sector does not have.

We asked for strike action to be suspended so the EIS-FELA could consider the new offer from the employers, but this was rejected.

Gavin Donoghue, Director, College Employers Scotland said:

“The £1,200 which the EIS-FELA asked for today is not an affordable proposal. Our offer would give lecturers an additional £50 consolidated in their pay year on year. This new offer pushes colleges even further over the limit of what the sector can afford.

“We made it clear ahead of the meeting today that no further funding can be found – lecturers in Scotland are the best paid in the UK and enjoy the best terms and conditions.

“Strikes tomorrow and on Thursday will not result in an increased offer as the funding is simply not there.”


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