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Comment on the EIS-FELA Ballot (10 March 2022)

Commenting on the EIS-FELA ballot which opened today (Thursday, 10 March 2022), Alex Linkston, Chair of the Employers’ Association, said:

“It is deeply disappointing that the EIS-FELA has rejected a good pay offer and are now balloting for industrial action.

“Our offer would give all lecturing staff an extra £1,000 this year which is equivalent to an average increase of 2.2%. This is more than accepted offers for other public sector workers including civil servants, the police, and fire service. And part of the reason such a significant offer is on the table is employers’ clear recognition of the outstanding work carried out by college staff throughout the pandemic.

“We have gone as far as we can in the current financial climate with the funds we have available from Scottish Government. Colleges are facing a funding cut of £51.9m for the next academic year, which the EIS-FELA is well aware of.

“What the EIS-FELA is asking for may not sound like much over and above what we have offered, however it would cost £9.4m this year which is £2m more than our offer. We also need to bear in mind that these are not one-off costs, colleges have to find these additional funds year on year.”

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